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Today, Americans are facing near 40-year high inflation, supply chain shortages, bare shelves, labor shortages, and record gas prices. In short, under President Biden leadership families are struggling to find essentials and paying more for just about everything.

That’s why I have opposed Congressional Democrats’ radical spending agenda, voted against the socialist Build Back Better bill and American Rescue Plan, and instead supported legislation like the Investing in Main Street Act and the Microloan Improvement Act which would help small businesses get back on their feet and reinvigorate our economy. I introduced the Family Fun Act which would bring targeted aid to small businesses like our own Adventureland in Farmingdale which were forgotten in initial COVID relief packages and am a cosponsor of legislation like the ENTRÉE Act which would help make restaurants whole again after forced shutdowns nearly cost them everything.

I am also working to hold the Administration accountable and increase oversight to prevent fraud and waste in Small Business Administration programs including by cosponsoring the IMPROVE the SBA Act and the Small Business Regulatory Reduction Act.

As a third-generation business owner, I know firsthand the challenges our small businesses are facing. Main street USA is the backbone of our economy and provides the livelihood of so many hardworking Long Islanders. I’m proud to serve as a member of the House Small Business Committee and the GOP Jobs and Economy Task Force where I have been fighting to reduce over regulation, lessening small business tax burdens, and deliver real results for small businesses back home. Our economy is in crisis, and we need pro-growth policies and less red tape to reinvigorate our economic growth.