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Border Security

The Biden Border Crisis is a threat to public safety, public health, and national security and yet President Biden and his Administration continue to sit by while drug smugglers, human traffickers, and violent criminals take advantage of our open borders.

Since President Biden took office, over 2.4 million migrants have been apprehended illegally crossing the southern border – the highest number in history. MS-13, a transnational criminal organization (TCO) whose violence plagues Long Island, was the number one gang affiliation apprehended last year which is why I have made securing our border a top priority since being elected to Congress. Every state is a border state when it comes to the consequences of this crisis.

I have visited the border twice, spoken to border patrol, and witnessed the crisis firsthand. In order to secure our border, we need to finish building our border wall, provide more resources to border patrol, and keep Title 42 and Remain in Mexico policies in place in order to stem the tide of illegal crossings. That’s why I have supported legislation like the Finish the Wall Act and the Border Security for America Act of 2021, cosponsored the PAUSE Act which would keep Title 42 in place, and introduced legislation to hold the Administration accountable for its secret middle of the night flights bringing migrants to New York. I am spearheading legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security’s Transnational Criminal Investigative Units (TCIUs), which are crucial in stopping illegal immigrants affiliated with MS-13 and other violent gangs at the source and taking on these criminals before they reach our border.

Illegal Immigrants may enter the U.S. through our southern states, but they don’t stay there. They disperse throughout the country and bring crime, drugs, and a strain on the resources of communities far north of the border. I am committed to getting this crisis under control.