Combating The Opioid Crisis

The drug crisis is a disease that’s touched the lives of so many Long Islanders. We must be compassionate yet vigilant in combating this crisis if we are to overcome it. As an assemblyman, I worked on a heroin and opioid epidemic task force

I support giving law enforcement and individual citizens the resources they need to assist people suffering from opioid addiction, such as Narcan, a life-saving tool that can reverse and prevent overdose deaths.

For individuals suffering from opioid addiction, I support providing resources for treatment so that they may recover.

Key Actions:

  • Co-hosted a task force on the heroin and opioid epidemic, listening to those on the frontline of this fight
  • Voted to increase availability and safety of detox programs, and improved access to rehabilitation and drug treatment programs. A10725, A10726, A10727 of 2016

Protecting the Great South Bay & Our Water

The Great South Bay is one of our community’s greatest resources. So protecting it, is in the best interest of our environment and our economy. As a third-generation Long Islander, I want all future generations to be able to grow up with the same Bay that I was so fortunate to have. Whether it’s boating over the weekend, fishing with family and friends, or just relaxing at the beach – the Bay is one of the reasons we love Long Island and so many of us call it our home.

Saving the Bay will require engaging members of our community, cleaning up the creeks and streams, and eliminating the waste polluting our waterways. Additionally, we need to make sure that the federal government continues to contribute its fair share in protecting this national treasure.

Key Actions:

  • Voted to ban household cleaning and cosmetic products that contain 1,4 dioxane, a known carcinogen. This will drastically reduce the amount entering our waterways. A6295a of 2019

  • Voted to have public water more closely monitored, ensuring that we protect our waterways and have better drinking water.

  • Voted to create $2.5 billion in grants and affordable loans so that our communities can invest in clean and safe drinking water infrastructure.

  • Worked to keep our water supply safer by voting to ban the sale of cleaning products with high levels of cancer-causing chemicals and supporting $2.5 Billion in grants for our communities to invest in water infrastructure.

  • Voted to prevent overfishing of Atlantic Menhaden (a major food source for marine life), which will allow whales, dolphins, and striped bass to thrive right here in our waters. This supports our fishermen as well as our tourism industry. A2571 of 2019

  • Supported our fishermen and tourism by voting to prevent overfishing Atlantic Menhaden.

  • Voted to extend and support New York State’s Ocean Acidification Task Force. A2573 of 2019

Supporting Our Veterans

Our Nation’s Veterans bravely served their country so that we may all live free. It’s only right that we support those Veterans who put their lives on the line for us. That means keeping our commitments to those who served. Making sure that the VA is run well and efficiently and that when our troops come home from serving overseas we continue to support them with the job training and the mental health treatment they deserve.

Key Actions:

  • Restored $6 Million in funding for veterans programs
  • Secured Scholarships for Gold Star Families. A2991 of 2019